Or, The Angry Toast Antidote

It was an average day. I didn’t go to St. Lawrence Market for a life changing sandwich, though I had heard rumours of where I could get one. I had passed the Uno Mustachio line may times, but it had always been too long for be to try one of their famed sandwiches. That day, however, there was no line. It was fate. In a split second decision, I got an eggplant parmesan.* I sat on the upper floor of the market as I took my first bite. The clouds opened up, and a beam of light lit up the divine sandwich. I experienced perfection on a bun.


Even though the sandwich was gargantuan, I finished the whole thing. As I walked back to work, I couldn’t help but smile. Surprisingly, given the reputation Torontonians have for unfriendliness, the people I passed smiled back. Everything seemed brighter. A taxi driver parked on King got out of his car and said, “It’s great to see you today!” “And you as well!” I responded.

People were smiling at me because they though I was smiling at them. In reality, I was smiling at sandwich. Thanks to that eggplant parmesan, the world became a better place, even just for a few moments.

*For those who don’t like eggplant, I’ve tried their chicken parm and it was amazing too. My friend can attest to the quality of their meatball sandwich.

Song of the Day: A Decade Under the Influence by Taking Back Sunday

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