He was a Lil Wayne fan, which explained nearly everything questionable about him. I think he came with the house, an object inherited like a beer fridge or his twin guest bed, an oddity in and of itself. I like to think he was a child prodigy. He was young to be finishing his Masters, in Mechanical Engineering, no less. The first time I met him was nearly a year after I had been told of him. He remained an enigma until then. He told me of his Masters thesis as we sat at a booth in a bar on a Tuesday, his hat on sideways and his red skinny jeans down the crack of his ass. When I mentioned it afterwards to my friend — his roommate — he said, “If you think that’s strange, his father dresses the same way.” There’s no explaining that.

Song of the Day: 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne

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